ATSF 2-8-0 1951

Santa Fe 1951 was built by Baldwin in 1907, the second of forty two 1950-class 2-8-0's. The engines of this class looked somewhat misproportioned, with huge boilers resting atop squat 57-inch drivers. To make matters worse, they were originally equipped with extended smokeboxes that housed a smokebox superheater. A redesigned superheater was eventually applied, and the smokeboxes shortened accordingly. In 1911 four engines, #1972, 1974, 1975, and 1976, were tapped for the dubious honor of participating in Santa Fe's short-lived obsession with articulated compounds. The 2-8-0's were rebuilt with additional sets of 8 drivers and extended boilers to become 2-8-8-0's #3299, 3296, 3297, and 3298, respectively. Twelve years later, the engines were restored to their original numbers and 2-8-0 configuration.

The rough-riding 1950-class 2-8-0's found work as freight and eventually as yard and local engines over their 40-year careers. Most were sent to scrap in the late 40's and early 50's. Engine 1959 was sold to the Cady Lumber Co. in Arizona in 1935, becoming their #400 (later Apache Railway #400). Engine 1951, the only member of the class to be preserved, was donated to the city of Pauls Valley, OK in 1955 and placed on display in Wacker Park.

Santa Fe 1951 was looking more than a little rough around the edges when photographed at Wacker Park in Pauls Valley, OK in 1992.
Around 1993, Pauls Valley converted their abandoned Santa Fe station into a museum. Engine 1951 was relocated from the park to a location just north of the depot, given a fresh coat of paint, and mated with Frisco wooden caboose 593. Two photos by Brent Frerck, February 1999.


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