Chillicothe, TX

The original Kansas City Mexico & Orient depot built at Chillicothe in 1909 was a fairly standard Orient depot measuring 24x84. The final depot shown here was rather crudely cut down from the larger structure in 1959. The resulting building was 24x34, with a peaked roof on one end and a hip roof on the other. Most large KCM&O frame depots had been "reduced" by Santa Fe years before, during World War II. Those structures generally retained a hip roof on both ends, resulting in a more symmetrical appearance. The two views at left by R.J. McKay show the depot in 1983, when it was in decent shape and the tracks were still in place. By January 2001, when Ray Bledsoe took the photo above and at bottom left, the depot was derelict but still standing beside the abandoned Orient right-of-way, its future uncertain.

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