Dumas, TX

One of only a handful of frame depots that survive along the former Santa Fe into the 2000's, Dumas' "classic" Santa Fe appearance makes it all the more rare. Even in 1986, when this view was recorded by Doyle Davis, the depot was still a fairly faithful illustration of Santa Fe's "1910" depot standards. It is essentially a #3 for branchlines with an extended freight section, bringing the trackside length to around 80 feet. Built in 1931 when the line from Amarillo to Boise City was under construction, Dumas originally had a segregated waiting room. Over the years, numerous modifications were made to the door and window configuration on the passenger end of the building, as the baggage room and waiting room were converted to offices and restrooms. The depot survived the agency closures of the 70's and 80's as a regional yard office. It was still standing as of 1999 in authentic, albeit very weathered, Colonial Yellow paint. As of late 2001, BNSF had apparently moved out of the structure in favor of a new building just to the south.

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