McGregor, TX

Photo by Brent Frerck
At McGregor, TX, the GC&SF and Cotton Belt crossed at right angles. The unique L-shaped combination depot and interlocking tower (#56) was located in the southwest quadrant of the crossing. The photo at left is credited to K.B. King, ca. 1950's, from the collection of R.J. McKay.
The tower was retired in the 1967, and the depot was presumably rebuilt shortly thereafter with asbestos siding, sans tower.
R.J. McKay caught a Cotton Belt train passing the depot in the 1970's.
By the early 1990's, the SSW line was history, but the Santa Fe line was still thriving. The depot and its classic brick platform were still in use as an unstaffed Amtrak station on the route of the Texas Eagle. The upper view looks north along the Santa Fe side of the depot, while the lower view shows the inside corner looking northeast. Upper photo by Doyle Davis, lower photo by Brent Frerck.
Reference: Myron Malone's Texas Interlocking Tower Homepage.

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