Santa Fe Surviving Depots: Louisiana

Last revised: May 10, 1998
Maintained by Evan Werkema

All locations are in Louisiana unless noted.

Oakdale Sub (Bon Wier, TX - Oakdale, LA, De Ridder - Oakdale abandoned)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
De RidderDe Ridder, trackside at BNSF/KCS diamonds (S. Washington St.)BNSF use1998(a)1-story 12x20 portable metal office


The tin shed at De Ridder is reportedly the only "depot" that remains trackside along Santa Fe's former Oakdale Sub (originally 65 miles of track, cut back to 40 miles ending at De Ridder.) However, it is possible that other depots were purchased and moved off-site by private owners. Santa Fe's booklet Officers, Agents, Stations, Departments, and Traffic Offices, No. 86, July 1, 1979 indicates that at that time, active agencies existed at Boise Southern, De Ridder, Elizabeth, and Oakdale. These depots may have survived up to the agency consolidations of the 1980's, and local memories may still recall what became of them. Send additions/updates to Provide as much information as possible regarding location, present use, and when the depot was last seen. Thanks!

Recent Updates:

March/April '98


Letters following the date indicate surviving depots reported by the following references and individuals:

a) Lowell McManus

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