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This section was inspired by Dan Dawdy's "Oddity of the Month" on his Cyberspace World Railroad site. Every month he presents an image of an unusual item, peculiar situation, etc. from the world of railroading. This section will be an "Oddity-of-the-whenever-I-get-around-to-it," devoted to unusual items, bloopers, and curious circumstances associated with the Santa Fe. If you have photos of Santa Fe oddities you would like to see featured here, please send them in!

A warb on it

A year after the inception of Amtrak, standards had begun to slip a bit. When George Horna shot the Super Chief at Chicago on June 19, 1972, the half-dozen leased Santa Fe F's were not only grubby, but lead F7A 310L was carrying an extra backwards curve on its Warbonnet paint scheme thanks to a replacement stainless steel panel donated by another unit. By November 1972, the extra curve on "Santa 310" had been scraped off and the proper striping and "Fe" had been added. Photo from the Vincent J. Porreca collection.

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SaNta Fe 8224

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