A Black and White Photograph

Anyone who has perused the endpapers of Joe McMillan's book Route of the Warbonnets knows that Chico served a number of places with funny names, from Lawn and Muleshoe, TX to Bagdad, CA and Surprise, AZ. Sometimes, patterns emerge as one looks through old timetables. Santa Fe had sidings at Bluewater, NM, Whitewater, NM, Clearwater, KS, Coldwater, KS, Sweetwater, TX, and Shallow Water, KS (not to be confused with Shallowater, TX), and there were stations at both Greenfield, NM and Brownfield, TX.

Perhaps it's just a consequence of its sheer size, or of the abundence of beef produced there, but the great state of Texas sure seems to have more oddly named towns than any other state in the nation. As the photo above attests, it's the only state large enough to contain both ends of the grayscale spectrum simultaneously. Black is on the Santa Fe main between Clovis, NM and Amarillo, TX, while White is just north of El Paso, TX.

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