Don't tell the yardmaster...

It is not my intention to showcase wrecks in this space, but this one has me scratching my head. What we have here is an old, wooden, outside-braced, arch bar trucked gondola that some hapless crew apparently shoved over the earthen bumper at the end of an industrial track in Chanute, KS...and left there. The picture shows the car as it appeared in 1995, long after the road number and all other traces of paint had weathered off. Santa Fe scholar John Moore identifies the car as a class Ga-O Caswell gondola built by AC&F in 1906. There must be an interesting story here...of a waybill that sort of got "lost" on the way back to the yard, or maybe a bad-order car that was "disposed of" rather than waste time trying to fix it. Anyone know more about this?

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