WRPO-93.5 FM

When Santa Fe converted a revenue freight car to maintenance of way service, it renumbered the car into an appropriate MW number series for its new duties (tool car, living car, rider car, etc.) and changed the car's old class designation to an MW class by changing the first letter to a W. Thus, a Tk-M tank car became a Wk-M, an Ft-3 flatcar became a Wt-3, and so on. When it came to passenger cars converted to MW service, there was no previous class designation to alter. Santa Fe usually stenciled such cars with a catch-all designation of "Wk"...but there were exceptions. Witness ATSF 190536, a former heavyweight railway post office (RPO) car, which the car shops saw fit to classify as a "W RPO." Photographed at Las Vegas, NM in 1981, the car was condemned and retired around 1988.

...about the title, it turns out that in 2006 there WAS an FM radio station with the call letters WRPO, broadcasting the music of the 30's, 40's, and 50's to greater Russells Point, OH.

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