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photos contributed by: Evan Werkema

ATSF B36-7 7486

Only two of Santa Fe's 16 B36-7's got SPSF paint. Both retained the odd sound baffles in front of the radiator intakes when painted, but later lost them while still in red and yellow. Unit 7486 lost its baffles sometime between June and November, 1986, 7497 sometime between April, 1986 and July, 1987.

The small platform on the radiator wings of 7486 was one of two RCE antennas mounted on the unit (the other is hidden by the exhaust stack). B36-7's 7484-7487 were delivered with Radio Control Equipment (RCE) for remote helper operations. The radio gear was removed sometime in the mid-80's, but the antenna platforms were never removed.

Santa Fe found their 16 B36-7's troublesome, and in late 1989 or early 1990 they were rounded up and leased back to GE after a mere 10 years of service. Unit 7497 had been repainted back to blue and yellow by that time, but 7486 may have escaped Santa Fe service in SPSF garb. GE leased out the B36-7's to power-short railroads over the next six years. Units 7488 and 7498 were leased to Great Canadian Railtours and painted in that road's blue and white scheme, but the remainder are believed to have kept their Santa Fe (or SPSF) paint for the duration of their lease careers. BC Rail bought all 16 B36-7's in 1995, and is gradually rebuilding and repainting them.

Red Line - Seperator
Black Line - Seperator

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