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photos contributed by: Evan Werkema, Doyle Davis, Gregg Fuhriman, Tom C. Jones, Kevin Stevens, Chris Kinoshita, Blaine Bachman, Steve Emerson, Bob Finan, Bill Morrison

ATSF F45 5960

Fully half of Santa Fe's F45 fleet was repainted in SPSF colors. The scheme didn't look quite as good on the big cowl units as it did on hood units, but on the other hand, there was never any doubt that the second pair of initials would have fit in the noseband!

ATSF F45 5980

The nondescript stern of F45 5980. The rear grab irons were originally red, but "weathering" has turned them black.

ATSF F45 5980 in blue/yellow

In Santa Fe's blue and yellow warbonnet scheme, the generous noses of the cowl units originally carried a larger version of the classic noseband than the hood units. Somebody must have forgotten this or thrown away the pattern during the SPSF era, however, as most of the SPSF-painted F45's returned to blue and yellow with smaller, hood-unit sized nosebands. Ex-kodachrome 5980 is helping the eastbound Southwest Chief into Albuquerque, NM on June 13, 1991.

Red Line - Seperator
Black Line - Seperator

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