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photos contributed by: Doyle Davis

ATSF GP7 2001

A measly 2.5% of Santa Fe's fleet of chopnosed GP7's received SPSF paint. Units 1316 and 1327 were slug mothers set up to work with Santa Fe's four-axle slugs. While in red and yellow, 1316 was usually mated to similarly-attired slug 123, and 1327 to slug 109.

The 2000-series geeps were assigned to general service. Units 2001 and 2064 retained their original rounded cabs, while the rest had the angular cabs most GP7's and 9's received when they were rebuilt with chopped noses. In the above photo, white-lined ATSF 2001 is shown outside new owner Great Western Railway's enginehouse, waiting to be rehabilited into GWR 711. The unit was later resold to the Council Bluffs Railroad. That Leslie S-5 horn on the roof is definitely not original Santa Fe equipment!

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