Santa Fe SPSF SD45 5394

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Santa Fe SD45 5394, the first SPSF repaint, emerged from the paint shop in San Bernardino on July 31, 1985 wearing this experimental scheme. The scheme differed from the final version in three features: white lettering instead of yellow, four stripes in the noseband instead of three, and a lower level of the black roofline, extending to the bottom of the radiators instead of just the bottom of the dynamic brake blister. Photos by Bob Reyff, courtesy Russ Strodtz.

By the time this photo was taken in October of 1986, the paint had been modified to match the standard version of the scheme, but note the white safety notes on the engine access doors instead of the standard yellow notes, and peeling red paint below the dynamic brake blister revealing the original level of the black paint beneath.

Red Line - Seperator
Black Line - Seperator

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