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photos contributed by: Evan Werkema, Tom C. Jones, Chris Kinoshita, Hank Suderman, Don Bowen

SD40-2 5161

Sixteen SD40-2's received the red and yellow scheme. Unit 5161, with a standard 88-inch short hood, is representative of most of the repaints. Units 5022, 5023, 5026, and 5117 had 123-inch "snoot" noses common to ATSF 5020-5027 and 5109-5140. Radio control equipment for remote helper operations was housed in the generous proboscises.

SD40-2 5068, with nose-mounted oscillating lights

Santa Fe ordered SD40-2's 5058-5070 with Oscitrol headlights and a red emergency light mounted in the nose to test an alternative to the amber beacons the railroad had been using. Units 5060 and 5068 retained these lights when repainted into red and yellow, as illustrated by the 5068 above. Santa Fe began removing the Oscitrol lights from its SD40-2's around 1987.

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