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photos contributed by: Evan Werkema, Don Bowen

ATSF SD45-2 5682

Santa Fe started rebuilding SD45-2's into the 7200-series in February, 1986, but six unrebuilt units sneaked through the paint shop ahead of the program and got a coat of red and yellow. Unit 5682 would be rebuilt into red and yellow 7218 six months after this photo was taken at Belen, NM. Following the merger denial, it was renumbered 5818 while still in red and yellow, making it the only locomotive known to have worn three different numbers while in SPSF paint. The unit is also interesting in that it still has its cab-mounted strobe lights, a feature several SD45-2's received in the mid-70's but most had lost by this date. One of the pair of strobes can be seen on the small stand below the amber beacon.

ATSF SD45-2 5709

One unrebuilt SPSF-painted SD45-2 far outlasted the others. Unit 5709 was a member of the last order of SD45-2's (5705-5714), which were not rebuilt. It poses at the head of an eastbound train at Belen, NM in May 1988, two months after the conclusion of the SD45-2 rebuild program.

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