Santa Fe Steam Generator Car 139

Santa Fe steam generator car 139 was one of ten self-contained steam generator cars built by the Topeka Shops in 1970. The car was built from ATSF 3918, one of Santa Fe's 73'11" long Pullman Standard smooth-side baggages built in 1965. The car contained two Vapor Clarkson steam generators, along with Detroit Diesel motor-generator set to power onboard accessories, and tanks that hold 6000 gallons of water and 800 gallons of fuel.

By 1985, Santa Fe had discarded all but two of their steam generator cars (138 and 139). These were kept on hand to provide steam for the company business train. The business cars were gradually converted to on-board power for heating, lighting, and air conditioning, such that the two cars were no longer necessary. By 1990, car 139 was on the property of the Dodge City Ford & Bucklin Railroad at Dodge City, KS. The DCF&B ran an excursion train and some freight business on a former Rock Island branch from Dodge City to Bucklin, KS (via Ford, KS). The upper view shows the car at Dodge City in 1990. The lower view shows the car in service on the Santa Fe at Albuquerque in 1985. The car is taking on water from the hoses usually used to replenish the water supply on Amtrak Superliners on the Southwest Chief. When the DCF&B excursion operations closed down, the car was moved to Guthrie, OK for possible use on a new excursion operation there.


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