Santa Fe Surviving Water Facilities

Last revised: May 29, 2015
Maintained by Evan Werkema

This list attempts to document surviving Santa Fe water tanks, treatment buildings, and pump houses. The list is arranged by state, and by district and division (as of 1979) within the states. The date column indicates the most recent date the facilities were confirmed to be intact. Dimensions, build dates, and use information is taken from the Santa Fe document Steel Water Tanks, A.T.& S.F. Ry. System (correct to 1/1/1920) in cases where the existing facilities appear to be the ones listed in the document. Facilities are at their original, trackside locations unless otherwise noted. This list is based on individual sightings, and additional sightings, updates, and corrections are always welcome.


Illinois Division, First District
Veronaapprox. 24x45 tank5/15(v)Last used as part of grain elevator


SelkirkHand dug, rock lined well5/00(h)Preserved by Wichita County Historical Society
Southern Kansas Division, Third District
Molinetwo approx. 24x29 tanks7/01(k)part of grain elevator near tracks at Biddle St.
Colorado Division, First District
Syracusetwo 24x60 tanks, treated water, built 19117/90-
Syracuse1.5-story Powers water treatment plant7/90-
Colorado Division, Cimarron Valley District
Hugotonapprox. 24x43 tank with conical roof8/91West of town on private property. Once had tank-mounted spout.
Plains Division, Englewood District
Sawyerbrick pumphouse10/99(b)-
Belvidereapprox. 24x29 tank5/15(t)Wooden gauge. Supports municipal water tank.
Wilmore24x43 tank, raw water, built 19125/15(t)-


Colorado Division, Cimarron Valley District
Keyesapprox. 24x29 tank with conical roof8/91Once had tank-mounted spout
Plains Division, Second District
Waynoka24x43 tank, raw water, built 190310/99(b)
Plains Division, Altus District
Dill Citybrick pumphouse5/93-


Plains Division, Clinton District
Briscoeapprox. 24x29 tank1989(a)-
Briscoeframe pumphouse, no derrick1989(a)-
Plains Division, Alpine District
Tinajaapprox. 24x45 tank3/06(s)Once had tank-mounted spout
Tinajaframe pumphouse3/06(s)No derrick
Plataapprox. 24x29 tank3/06(s)Once had tank-mounted spout
Northern Division, Sweetwater District
Buffalo Gap24x60 tank, raw water, built 19104/99(c)Municipal use
Southern Division, Longview District
Kirbyvilleapprox. 24x43 tank8/01(l)Municipal use, photo August 2001 courtesy Mark St. Aubin
Slaton Division, Ft. Stockton District
BarnhartKCM&O-style flat-top tank5/15(k)-


Colorado Division, Second District
Thatcher24x43 tank, raw water, built 19028/99-
Trinidad1.5-story Powers water treatment plant8/99-
Starkvilleapprox. 24x60 tank with conical roof12/93Now used by community, roof possibly added by them.
Colorado Division, Denver District
Sedalia24x43 tank with conical roof, raw water, built 19068/99 Wooden gauge. Now used by community, roof possibly added by them.
Colorado Division, Boise City District
Campoframe pumphouse, no derrick8/09north side of 10th St. east of tracks

New Mexico

Colorado Division, Third District
Maxwelltwo approx. 24x60 tanks8/99On hillside west of track and I-25
Springertwo approx. 24x60 tanks2012Municipal use, moved to north end of Summit Ave. northeast of town
Las Vegas1.5-story Powers water treatment plant7/87-
Las Vegastwo concrete pumphouses7/87-
Colorado Division, Fourth District
Chapelle24x29 tank, raw water, built 19077/89Once had tank-mounted spout
Ribera24x43 tank, raw water, built 19037/87Once had tank-mounted spout
Lamyapprox. 24x29 tank8/99On hillside east of depot and section house
Domingo24x60 tank, built 191212/84-
Domingounusual small treatment tank12/84-
Plains Division, Third District
Texico24x60 tank, raw water, built 19095/15(x)-
New Mexico Division, Carlsbad District
New Mexico Division, El Paso District
Rincon12x45 tank, fresh water, built 19077/98-
New Mexico Division, Deming District
Florida24x45 tank, raw water, built 19167/98-
New Mexico Division, Magdalena District
Water Canyonapprox. 24x29 tank6/87Once had tank-mounted spout


Albuquerque Division, Second District
Chambersapprox. 16x43 tank with conical roof, painted silver7/93-
Albuquerque Division, Third District
Bellemont24x60 tank with conical roof, raw water, built 19075/15(w)Photo by Ed Cooper, late 1980's
Albuquerque Division, Kingman District
Picaapprox. 48x60 tank with conical roof5/15(s)Mike Brooks photo, November 2005
Pica16x64 tank, treated water, built 191011/05(r)-
Pica24x60 tank with conical roof, treated water storage, built 190811/05(r)-
Hackberryapprox. 24x43 tank, painted silver with black emblem5/15(s)-
Kingmantwo approx. 24x60 tanks7/98-
Kingman"municipal" style water tower7/98Beside railroad tanks
Topock24x43 tank with conical roof, raw water, built 19085/15(u)-
Albuquerque Division, Fourth District
Ash Forkapprox. 48x60 tank with conical roof, painted silver with black emblem5/15(s)-
Ash Fork"municipal" style water tower, painted silver with black emblem5/15(s)-
Drakeapprox. 24x43 tank with conical roof1/97Roof damaged, about half missing
Albuquerque Division, Parker District
Salomeapprox. 24x60 tank with conical roof, painted silver7/98Once had tank-mounted spout


Los Angeles Division, Parker District
Vidalapprox. 24x43 tank/01(e)Photo by Paul Brown
Valley Division, Porterville-Orosi District
Hillmaidapprox. 24x43 tank with conical roof8/95-

Some Recent Losses

Tanks for the memories...
LocationDescriptionApprox. Date RemovedComments
Illinois Division, First District
Stronghurst, IL24x45 tank with conical roof, treated water storage, built 1906-Privately owned. Roof probably added by new owner.
Illinois Division, Fourth District
Henrietta, MOtwo approx. 24x60 tanks2/02(i)Had been used as grain silos by local elevator.
Plains Division, First District
Argonia, KS24x43 tank, raw water, built 1909mid-2004(b)small portion of tank base remained as of 2015(c)
Attica, KStwo approx. 24x60 tanks4/05(b)demolished during double-tracking project
Attica, KS1.5-story Powers water treatment plant2004(b)
Harper, KS16x45 tank, treatment4/05(b)(o)demolished during double-tracking project
Harper, KS24x43 tank, service4/05(b)(o)demolished during double-tracking project
Harper, KSapprox. 24x60 tank4/05(b)(o)demolished during double-tracking project
Harper, KS1.5 story Powers water treatment plant4/05(b)(o)demolished during double-tracking project
Colorado Division, Cimarron Valley District
Elkhartapprox. 24x43 tank with conical roofgone by 2015-
Elkhartstandard frame pumphousegone by 2009-
Plains Division, Second District
Woodward, OK1.5-story Powers water treatment plant2004(b)demolished during double-tracking project
Shattuck, OK1.5-story Powers water treatment plant-(b)-
Higgins, TX24x43 tank, raw water, built 1909-(b)Once had tank-mounted spout
Higgins, TXconcrete pumphouse-(b)-
Miami, TXtwo approx. 24x60 tanks2003(b)demolished during double-tracking project
Miami, TX1.5-story Powers water treatment plant2003(b)demolished during double-tracking project
Plains Division, Third District
Hereford24x60 tank, raw water, built 1914gone by 2015-
Black, TXtwo approx. 24x43 tanksgone by mid-2004(q)-
Black, TX1.5-story Powers water treatment plantgone by mid-2004(q)-
Plains Division, Skellytown District
SkellytownHorton-style tankgone by 2009Had been municipal use, replaced by modern tank.
Skellytownstandard frame pumphousegone by 2009-
Plains Division, Dumas District
EtterHorton-style tankgone by 2015(w)Tank portion was last used for fertilizer storage
Colorado Division, Boise City District
CampoHorton-style tankdemolished 11/11(w)-
New Mexico Division, First District
Melrose24x60 tank, combination treatment and storage, built 1907gone by 2015(s)-
Negra24x60 tank, raw water, built 1908gone by 2015(s)Photo by Paul Brown
Becker, NM24x60 tank, combination treatment and storage, built 1908gone by 1/06(p)Supported small water tank for nearby ranch
Becker, NMstandard frame pumphouse with addition to reargone by 1/06(p)-
New Mexico Division, Magdalena District
Magdalenaapprox. 24x43 tank with conical roofgone by 2015(c)-
Albuquerque Division, First District
Dalies, NM24x60 tank with conical roof, raw water, built 1908gone by 12/04-
Grants, NMapprox. 24x60 tank9/03(n)Used by perlite plant immediately east of depot, demolished along with the plant.
Albuquerque Division, Kingman District
Seligman24x60 tank with conical roof, painted silver with black emblem, built 1903gone by 2015(c)-
Seligmanwooden water treatment building(?)gone by 2015(c)-
Pica, AZconcrete water treatment plantgone by 11/05(r)-
Yuccaapprox. 24x60 tankgone by 5/15-
Yucca"municipal" style water towergone by 5/15(c)-
Yuccaconcrete water treatment buildinggone by 5/15(c)-
Los Angeles Division, Needles District
Needlestwo 24x60 tanks, painted silver1986(a)-
Needlesconcrete water treatment building1986(a)-
Goffs, CAapprox. 24x60 tank with conical roof, painted silver11/21/03(m)-
Goffs, CApumphouse, nonstandard design11/21/03(m)-
Cadizapprox. 24x60 tank, painted silvergone by 2015(c)Photo by Paul Brown



Letters following the date indicate sightings reported by the following sources and individuals:

a) The Santa Fe Modeler, Vol. 13, No. 1 (1st Quarter 1990).

b) Keel Middleton

c) J. Stephen Sandifer

d) Earl Needham

e) Paul W. Brown

f) Fred Napp

g) Bob Burton

h) Karen Walk

i) Sam Bailey

j) Paul Souter

k) Matt Zebrowski

l) Mark St. Aubin

m) Helen Baker

n) Gary Dunn

o) Ken Leu

p) Stephen Dick

q) Jay Miller

r) Mike Brooks

s) Matt Martin

t) Dave Webb

u) Charles Slater

v) James Brown

w) John Barry

x) Jeff Ford

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