ATSF Coach-Baggage-Caboose 2312

ATSF 2312 was one of ten all-steel drovers cars constructed at the Topeka Shops in 1931. Originally numbered D938, it featured coach seats in one end and bunk beds in the other to accomodate the cowboys (drovers) that tended the cattle on livestock trains. See 932D for pictures of a sister car in its original configuration. In 1942, the car was rebuilt into coach-baggage-caboose (combine) 2312. The bunk section was converted into a baggage area complete with a sliding door. The car is known to have been used on the mixed train up the Alma branch in Kansas in the 50's, as most published in-service pictures of the car show it between Alma and Topeka. The car was donated to the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society chapter in Wichita. The car is displayed at the Great Plains Transportation Museum in Wichita.

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