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The last cabooses to arrive on Santa Fe property, and the only bay window cabooses Santa Fe ever owned, came with the absorption of wholly-owned subsidiary Toledo Peoria & Western. Three bay window cabooses remained on the TP&W roster as of January 1, 1984 - 521, 523, and 528. The 528 was retired to a park in Blackwell, OK and given a nonstandard Santa Fe paint scheme and the number 999655. The other two cars were repainted in Santa Fe colors and assigned to local service out of East Peoria, IL. Local service cabooses generally had yellow cupolas, so the shop forces painted the upper half of the bay windows yellow (999653 only had a half-height bay window; 999654's bay extended all the way to the floor of the car). Both cars were off the roster by the end of 1988.

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