Class Ce-3:


The forty Ce-3 class cars were modified from standard steel cabooses by the West Wichita shops in 1968. The cars did not receive the extensive package of upgrades lavished on the Ce-1's and 2's, and were intended for use as local and transfer cabooses rather than road cabooses. A year after they emerged from the shops, the last three Ce-3's were modified again, emerging as Ce-4 class cars sans cupolas. These cars were used in ore service in New Mexico, since the ore dumper at the smelter in Hurley, NM would not clear a caboose with a cupola. The remainder of the Ce-3's were assigned to local service, and most received yellow cupolas denoting this. Two Ce-3's were upgraded into road-service cars: 999614 became Ce-9 999575 in 1978, and 999615 became Ce-12 999652 in 1982. The rest of the Ce-3's were phased out and sold off in the mid-1980's. The 999608 pictured ended up on display at Purcell, OK.

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