Class Ce-8:


The Ce-8 class was built by the International Car Company in 1978. The cars were essentially the same as the Ce-6 class, but were received in the standard caboose scheme rather than the variation modeled by the 6's. The 8's also had full "skirts" around the lower edge of the body, compared to the partial skirting on the 6's. The Ce-8's were assigned system-wide, and could be found in any type of service. Cars 999717 and 999718, along with a few Ce-1's and Ce-2's, were briefly assigned to transfer duties at Kansas City. They were given white cupolas with red numbers to indicate their assignment to this service. By 1984, the cars had already begun to wander to other locations.

A few Ce-8's survived through the BNSF merger, in use as "shoving platforms" for local work, but most of the class were retired in the 1990's. The lucky ones found new homes, such as 999713 below. It watches the passing of trains it once accompanied from a lot near the main line in Knightsen, CA.

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