ATSF Drovers Car D918

Drovers cabooses or drovers cars were bunk cars for the cowboys that accompanied livestock trains and tended the animals. On Santa Fe, drovers cars ranged from standard road cabooses to modified boxcars and coaches to purpose-built cars. The purpose-built "cowboy pullmans" generally featured coach seats in one end and bunks in the other. D918 was one of two drovers cars built by the Topeka shops in 1929 from "scrap materials." The coach seats were located in the near, vestibule end, and the bunks were in the far end. Note the wide window spacing in the bunk end versus the coach end. Stock shipments on the Santa Fe gradually declined after World War II and ceased entirely in the early 1970's. D918 was donated to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA in October 1969, where it was photographed in 1998.

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