Wabco A-2

Horns and photo courtesy Brent Lee.

The A-2 was a single-note horn used primarily on switchers, locomotive cranes, self-propelled railcars, and the like. It was available in both a 15 inch "long bell" version, pictured above, and a 11-5/32 inch "short bell" version, pictured in the two photos at left. Wabco also produced a two-chime AA-2 horn which combined a long and short bell A-2 on a common manifold. The A-2 was fairly common on Alco switchers of many railroads.

Lower photo courtesy Ron Chamberlain.

Factory tuning was: D for the long bell, G for the short bell

Wabtec was still offering the A-2 as of 2012, but no large railroads are known to have purchased any in the recent past. As with all Wabco horns, A-2's are rare to find in service today. They may still be found on older switchers, museum locomotives, and maintenance of way equipment.

A-2 sound samples:

Sample 1...330kB...15 seconds
Sample 2...317kB...14 seconds
Sample 3...49kB...2 seconds
Sample 4...193kB...12 seconds
Sample 5...258kB...16 seconds

Courtesy Brent Lee:
Sample 6...275kB...12 seconds

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