Wabco E-2

Rear view also available.

The E-2 was Wabco's single-note deep horn for road locomotives. It was popular in the early years of dieselization, especially on Alco and Fairbanks Morse locomotives. Milwaukee Road's "Little Joe" electric locomotives were also fitted with E-2's. The horn could be used singly or in pairs, with one horn facing forward and one to the rear.

Factory tuning was: F

The E-2 was less popular than its competition, the Leslie A-200, and like the Leslie, it fell out of favor with the advent of multi-chime airhorns. E-2's are rare to find in service today except on museum locomotives.

E-2 sound samples:

Sample 1...33kB...1 second
Sample 2...130kB...6 seconds
Sample 3...340kB...15 seconds
Sample 4...190kB...8 seconds
Sample 5...204kB...9 seconds

The Newburgh & South Shore, a switching railroad located in Cleveland, OH, had an unusual horn mounted on one of their locomotives in the mid-90's. It consisted of a Wabco E-2 and a pair of smaller horn bells mounted to the right of the E-2 on the roof of the locomotive. The horn was a homemade arrangement cobbled together from second-hand single-note honkers of varying pedigree. The sound is not likely to be confused with anything else.

NSS horn samples:

Sample 1...162kB...7 second
Sample 2...102kB...4 seconds
Sample 3...127kB...5 seconds

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