J3 Snowplow Whistle

Horn and all photos courtesy Brent Lee.

Other views (click for larger image):

The J3 was developed in 1954 as an airhorn for Canadian snowplows. The horn blew the same, government-mandated D# minor chord as the M3H, but the design was lower-maintenance and non-tunable. The J3 narrowly preceeded the introduction of the popular K-series, and the bells resemble K-bells externally. Internally there are several differences, including the use of one-piece diaphragms instead of the K-horns' two diaphragms separated by a rubber gasket. The manifold, which placed the bells in a triangular arrangement, was also used on early K3's. The J3 horn pictured was cast by Holden Ltd. of Canada, an AirChime licensee.

Original tuning was: D# minor triad (D#, F#, A#)

J3 sound samples:

Brent Lee's J3:
Sample 1...555kB...25 seconds

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