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Thanks to Jim Evans, President of Five Chime Consultants and catalyst for this project; Evan Werkema, for the site design; Larry Goss, for assistance with photography; Ron Chamberlain for additional information and photographs; Brent Lee for additional photographs and information; Fred Berry for technical information, Ed Kaspriske, Dennis McCurry, and Ray Weart for additional photos, and for providing the space for the site. Thanks to the also to Jim Evans, Randy Cape, Ron Chamberlain, Dave Decker, Dan Furtado, Larry Goss, Michael Johannessen, Ed Kaspriske, Brent Lee, Mike Muha, David Safdy, Bob Smith, and Evan Werkema for the use of their air horn recordings, and Pacific Automotive of Burlingame, CA for allowing us to record their Hancock 4700.


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