Nathan P01235

Horn and photo courtesy Brent Lee.

Unlike other horns in the P5 family, there is no known shorthand for the P01235. The horn uses the new, low profile P-manifold also found on the P5a and all P5's after the mid-1970's.

The P01235 was developed in 1974 at the suggestion of Amtrak's Don Tead. The horn uses the large O bell in place of the #4 bell. Both bells play the same note (A), but the O bell is an octave lower. The horn was only used on Amtrak's two orders of large GE electrics, the E60CP's and E60CH's.

Factory tuning was: A major dominant 7th (A,C#,E,G,C#).

The horn used the P-series O, 1, 2, 3, and 5 bells.

The P01235 was unique to the Amtrak E60's, and will presumably vanish when Amtrak retires the last of them.

P01235 sound samples:

Amtrak E60CP:
Sample 1...341kB...15 seconds
Sample 2...245kB...11 seconds

Randy Cape's P01235:
Sample 3...356kB...16 seconds
Sample 4...131kB...6 seconds
Sample 5...129kB...5 seconds

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