Leslie S-2B

Horn and photo courtesy Brent Lee. One of the bells could be reversed to provide good sound volume in both directions. The horn shown is an early version (1950's) with a two-piece #31 bell and bronze power chambers.

The S-2B was a less popular Leslie two-chime horn compared to the S-2M. It used the #31 and 37 bells, which are also the two lowest notes in the reasonably popular three-chime S-3K.

Factory tuning: 311 and 370 Hz (approximately D# and F#).

The S-2B was not a very common horn despite its pleasing minor 3rd interval. It was presumably used by some railroads in lieu of the S-2M, but such uses have not been documented.

S-2B sound sample (courtesy Brent Lee):

Sample 1...692kB...32 seconds

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