Leslie S-2M

Horn and photo courtesy Brent Lee.

Leslie produces several two-chime Supertyfon horns, with the S-2M being the most popular. The horn uses the #31 and 44 bells, which are also the two highest notes in the once-ubiquitous S-3L three-chime horn. As with other Supertyfons, the use of the newer, spiked RS power chambers adds an "R" to the designation, yielding an RS-2M. When used on freight locomotives or switchers, the horn generally has one bell facing in each direction.

The all-bells-forward version of the S-2M is generally seen when the horn is used on passenger equipment. This Metra cab car has a guard around its horn, possibly to keep it from being damaged by a mechanical washrack or other low obstructions. The horn also has "shower caps" over the mouths of the bells to keep insects and foreign matter out.

Factory tuning: 311 and 440 Hz (approximately D# and A)

The S-2M was reportedly used on New York Central E-units, and many Metra cab cars have all-bells-forward S-2M's. The horn can also be found on some older end-cab switchers. An S-3L whose #25 bell has gone silent will also sound like an S-2M!

S-2M sound samples:

Sample 1...33kB...1 second
Sample 2...46kB...2 seconds

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