Alvarado, TX

Alvarado, TX once had a large GC&SF style frame depot that, upon retirement, was carved up in three pieces and moved to various parts of town. The portion most easily identifiable is this bit, the former "white" waiting room and part of the office, which included the bay window. It sits on College St. west of Spears, behind the City Hall.
Harder to identify is this bit of the depot, now a residence on Russell St. between Davis and Cotter. About all that's left to identify the structure are the AT&SF/GC&SF "cobweb" roof brackets under the eaves.
The third portion of the original depot sits on Cotter St. west of South Spears. Once again, about all that remains after extensive remodeling are the roof brackets.

In 1958, Santa Fe replaced the large depot at Alvarado with a small, relatively modern frame depot moved from Blum, TX. The depot had been built west of Blum in 1952 following a line change that moved the Santa Fe main line out of downtown Blum. As the second Alvarado depot, it served for a number of years before being retired and sold to the city. It survives on US-67 east of town as the City of Alvarado Animal Control headquarters.
All photos courtesy Shane Murphy

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