Blum, TX

In 1952, Santa Fe relocated their main line westward a few miles in the vicinity of Blum and Kopperl to bypass the newly-impounded Lake Whitney. New depots were built for the two communities along the new track, and the existing depots were retired. Amazingly, both of the old depots survived. A portion of the passenger section of the Blum depot had been removed and various other additions and modifications had been made by the time the above photo was taken in 1997, but the building is still identifiable as a GC&SF-style frame depot. Photo by Jim King, 1997.
This photo from the August 1952 Santa Fe magazine shows the "new" Blum depot as it looked shortly after construction. This depot was moved to Alvarado, TX in 1958 to replace the depot there, and it too survives off-site. Scan courtesy R.J. McKay.

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