Tulia, TX

Tulia, TX came as close as a town can come to losing its depot without actually losing it. The unique depot, built in 1918, was closed as an agency in March 1984. The first two photos show it closed and boarded up in 1985. In 1987, Santa Fe began demolishing the structure, beginning with the freight section. Doyle Davis captured the grim scene in the middle view at left. Nearly half the building was gone before the city halted the work and negotiated to acquire the depot. The remains of the depot, consisting of the waiting room, office, and baggage room, were ultimately fenced off from the right-of-way, as the final view from 1991 shows. An update on the current status of this depot would be appreciated. Ironically, Tulia is also the home of two other Santa Fe depots moved in from other communities - Happy, TX and Rolla, KS.

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