ATSF Drovers Car 932D

ATSF 932D was one of ten all-steel drovers cars constructed at the Topeka Shops in 1931. It was originally numbered D932, but at some point the D moved to the other end of the number. The car had two sections: a coach section with seats (the portion of the car with short windows) and bunk section with bunk beds (the portion with tall windows) for the cowboys who accompanied stock trains across the system. Unlike several of its sisters, which were converted into coach-baggage-caboose cars (see 2312, ex-D938), 932D remained in its original configuration until retirement. It was donated to the city of Barstow, CA in June 1970, and is displayed at the Mojave River Valley Museum. Ken Hodkin took these pictures of the car in the year 2000.

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