Class Ce-11:


The 75 members of the Ce-11 class were built by the International Car Company in 1981. They were the last new cabooses purchased by the Santa Fe. Essentially the same as the Ce-8's, the cars roamed the system in various types of service. Only three years after the Ce-11's were constructed, the Santa Fe reached agreements with its labor unions allowing the virtual elimination of cabooses from its trains. In the massacre that followed, the Ce-11's faired better than the rest of Santa Fe's caboose classes, no doubt due to their newness. Many survive on BNSF as "shoving platforms," albeit mostly with doors welded shut and "DO NOT OCCUPY" stencilled prominently on their flanks. A few Ce-11's have gone on to greener pastures; witness the 999806 below, which stands next to the restored depot from Bledsoe, TX on the west side of Lubbock. Photo by Hume Kading.

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