Wabco E-2B-3

Photo courtesy Ed Kaspriske, Horns Inc.

The E-2B-3 was the highest pitched horn of the E-2B line. As with the E-2B-1, it consisted of several Wabco single note "honkers" bolted to a common manifold, in this case the stubby E-44 bell flanked by a B-7-30 and a B-7-36 bell. The E-44 bell could be reversed (turned backwards) if desired.

Factory tuning was: 248Hz, 300Hz, and 360Hz

The E-2B-3 wasn't popular in railroad service. A picture exists showing an E-2B-3 on the roof of Alton & Southern RS-3 #34, and Louisville & Nashville had them on a few locomotives as well. It is unlikely that any survive on locomotives today.

E-2B-3 sound samples:

Courtesy Ed Kaspriske, Horns Inc., and Bill Williamson:
Sample 1...195kB...9 seconds
Sample 2...196kB...9 seconds
Sample 3...268kB...12 seconds

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