Wabco E-2B-1

Horn and photo courtesy Ed Kaspriske, Horns Inc.

As early as the late 1940's, Wabco had a series of three chime "E-2B" airhorns available. The horns consisted of various E and B-series "pneuphonic" horn bells attached to a common manifold, with the two outer bells angled 3 degrees outward relative to the center bell. The E-2B horns never achieved much market penetration, but a few did find their way onto locomotives.

The E-2B-1 was probably the biggest seller of the line. It featured a large E-2 bell in the center, flanked by a B-7-21 and a B-7-25 bell. The combination of tones wasn't any particular musical chord, but was an handsome, deep sound nonetheless.

Early E-2B-1's used short and long B-6 horn bells instead of the B-7's . The horn's sound was reportedly the same in either case. Photos provided by Ed Kaspriske, Horns Inc.

Factory tuning was: 170Hz, 210Hz, and 255Hz

It is unlikely that any E-2B-1's survive on active locomotives, but thankfully several have been preserved in private collections.

E-2B-1 sound samples:

Courtesy Ed Kaspriske, Horns Inc.:
Sample 1...261kB...12 seconds
Sample 2...528kB...24 seconds
Sample 3...168kB...7 seconds
Sample 4...55kB...2 seconds

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