Wabco B-6

Horn courtesy Howard Wise.

The B-6 was larger than the similar-looking A-6 and had a somewhat more refined appearance, with recessed nuts on the front of the power chamber and a slightly different arrangement of the reinforcing ribs on the bell.

Although documentation is lacking, the B-6 was evidently available in several different bell lengths, as two of them were utilized in early 3-chime E-2B-1 horns along with an even larger E-2 honker.

The B-6 was replaced in the catalog by the much different-looking B-7. The photo at left shows a B-6 on the left back-to-back with a B-7 on the right, illustrating some of the differences.

The B-6 saw use on early diesel switchers, railcars, and work equipment. A few may still exist on industrial locomotives and museum equipment.

B-6 sound samples:

Horn courtesy Howard Wise:

Sample 1...23kB...1 second
Sample 2...35kB...2 seconds
Sample 3...144kB...9 seconds

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