Leslie S-5D

The S-5D was Leslie's first five-chime Supertyfon airhorn. Produced only in 1952, it played the same notes as the Nathan M5. Two different manifold designs were used on the S-5D. The one shown in the photo is the later version, with diagonal and horizontal bracing around the two highest bells (the 554 and 440). Earlier S-5D manifolds lacked these extra pieces, with the bells mounted precariously on "stalks" similar to the high profile J-base used on the S-3J. Only a few S-5D's were produced before Leslie introduced its replacement, the S-5T, in 1953.

Factory tuning was: A major dominant 7th (C#,E,G,A,C#).

The horn used Supertyfon bells #277, 330, 392, 440, and 554. The numbers refer to the bells' resonant frequencies in hertz. In later Leslie production, bell numbers were truncated to just the first two digits.

A few S-5D's survive today in private collections.

S-5D sound samples:

Sample 1...113kB...5 seconds

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