Way Cars

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photos contributed by: Evan Werkema, Jeff Schultz, Doyle Davis, Chris Kinoshita, Don Bowen, Stephen Devenish

Caboose 999524

Way cars (cabooses) were the only pieces of rolling stock that received an SPSF paint scheme in anticipation of the merger. Class Ce-1 car 999088 was the first to be painted, and initially received full SPSF lettering. The "SP" was painted out before the car was released into general service. There were minor variations among the handful of Santa Fe cars painted, but Ce-2 999524 illustrates the general appearance of the scheme, with yellow ends and a smaller version of the "SF" worn by locomotives. Ce-8 999700 was a modern extended-vision style car.

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Other Rolling Stock

While the SPSF merger was under consideration by the ICC, Santa Fe began painting rolling stock other than waycars in this simple mineral brown scheme, with no large Santa Fe emblems or billboard lettering. Presumably this was to have been a temporary measure until the merger was approved and genuine SPSF rolling stock schemes were developed. It turned out to be permanent; Santa Fe continued painting cars in this "scheme" even after the merger denial. The blandness was eventually mitigated to a minor degree by the addition of small Santa Fe emblems in the upper corners.

Cars and locomotives could not officially be lettered SPSF until the merger was approved by the ICC. Wags will be wags, though, and this "unofficial" SPSF lettering job was discovered at Carrizozo, NM in November, 1986.

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