Class Ce-2:


The second group of cabooses rebuilt for pool service emerged from Santa Fe's San Bernardino, CA shops in 1969 and 1970. The 223 members of the Ce-2 class differed only slightly from the Ce-1's, and most of the differences were internal. These cars also emerged with black roofs, though by the time 999396 was photographed, it had been repainted with a red roof. Note the metal roofwalks, which replaced the original wooden ones, and the radio antenna platform on the cupola. The 999396 was sold to a private party in 1987, but its whereabouts is not known.

Caboose 999524 was one of two Ce-2's, and of only four Santa Fe cabooses total, that received the proposed Southern Pacific-Santa Fe merger paint scheme in the mid-1980's. Ce-1 999088, Ce-2's 999524 and 999528, and Ce-8 999700 were the only cars painted before the merger was rejected by the ICC. The 999524 was condemned 16 days after this June 1990 photo was taken, and now resides in a park in King City, MO.

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