Santa Fe Surviving Depots: New Mexico

Last revised: May 7, 2005
Maintained by Evan Werkema

All locations are in New Mexico unless noted.

Las Vegas, Glorieta, and El Paso Subs (Main Line: Wootton, CO - Anthony, TX)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
RatonRaton, tracksideAmtrak station, BNSF offices8/991-story stucco depot with tower
RatonRaton, tracksideunused, to become day care center and offices8/02(q)1-story frame freight depot
MaxwellRaton, 1118 Nelson St. (exit I-25 at US-64, east 1.8 miles (across BNSF tracks) to Hogan St., north 0.2 mile to depot)residence8/991-story frame depot
SpringerW. of Edgewood, NM: exit I-40 at Sedillo Rd (exit 181), east on NM 333, north on Mtn. Valley Rd., east on Joe Nestor Rd, north on County Line Rd, west on Homestead Rd to depotresidence7/98(a)1-story frame depot, rearranged to L-shape
Las VegasLas Vegas, tracksideAmtrak station8/991 and 2-story brick depot, undergoing restoration
Las VegasLas Vegas, trackside just south of pass depotboarded up1/951-story brick freight depot
GlorietaGlorieta, tracksidepost office6/98(c)1-story stucco depot
LamyLamy, tracksideAmtrak station8/991-story stucco depot
KennedyEl Dorado at Santa Fe (exit I-25 at US-285 east of Santa Fe, south to Avenida Vista Grande, west 1.6 miles to Avenida Del Monte Alto, north 0.8 mile to Avenida de Amistad, west 0.1 mile to community clubhouse)community clubhouse8/991-story frame depot
Los CerrillosMcIntosh, east side of Hwy 41residence1/961-story frame depot
AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque, trackside (1st St. 1 block south of Central Ave.)boarded up5/00(k)3-story stucco freight depot (office portion only)
AbajoCorrales, 4767 Corrales Rd., part of "Plaza San Ysidro"office of Sandra Carley Ed.D., Clinical Psychologist7/981-story nonstandard frame depot
Los LunasLos Lunas, south end of town, W side of Hwy 314VFW post 96767/981-story frame depot
BelenBelen, tracksideBNSF offices7/981-story stucco depot
SocorroSocorro, tracksideBNSF MW3/05(r)1-story frame depot, remodelled March 2005
San AntonioSan Antonio, across street (Montoya St.?) from original siteunused8/88frame depot, 1-story freight room portion only
RinconRincon, tracksideBNSF use7/981-story frame depot
Las CrucesLas Cruces, trackside (800 Mesilla St.)to become a museum?6/01(m)1-story stucco depot
Mesilla ParkMesilla Park, trackside (E. Main St. and Conway Ave. in southern Las Cruces)BNSF use7/981-story stucco depot

Colmor Cutoff (Clayton - Farley, NM, abandoned)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
ClaytonClayton, on original site (Santa Fe Dr. near 5th St.)residence8/98(d)1-story frame and stucco depot
Farley?Sofia, ?residence-1-story frame depot (see Help!!!)

ex-ATSF Santa Fe Sub (Lamy - Santa Fe, NM, now Santa Fe Southern RR)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Lamy(see Glorieta Sub)
Santa FeSanta Fe, trackside (410 S. Guadalupe Ave.)SFS RR depot8/991-story stucco depot

Magdalena District (Socorro - Magdalena, NM, abandoned)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Socorro(see El Paso Sub)
MagdalenaMagdalena, on original sitecity hall/library6/941-story frame depot

Deming Sub (Rincon - Deming, NM)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Rincon(see El Paso Sub)
HatchHatch, 503 E. Hall St. (W side of US 185 just S of RR crossing)library/museum7/981-story nonstandard frame depot
DemingDeming, tracksideAmtrak Station7/981-story SP-style frame depot

Lake Valley Branch (Nutt - Lake Valley, NM, abandoned)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Lake ValleyLake Valley, on original siteprivate storage7/98small 1-story frame depot, passenger and office portion only, poor condition

ex-ATSF Deming, Santa Rita, and Fierro Districts (Deming - Fierro, NM, now Southwestern RY)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Deming(see Deming Sub)
HurleyHurley, tracksideSWRR offices7/981-story frame depot
BayardBayard, trackside (Central Ave. and Coffey St.)boarded up7/981-story frame depot
FierroFierro, Fierro Rd. across from orig. site?private storage?7/98small nonstandard 1-story frame depot (see Help!!!)

Clovis Sub (Main Line: Clovis - Belen, NM)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
ClovisClovis, trackside (221 W. First St.)"Clovis Depot Model Train Museum"7/01(n)2-story stucco depot
MelroseMelrose, tracksideBNSF MW(?)7/01(n)2-story stucco depot
Ft. SumnerFt. Sumner, tracksideBNSF MW(?)7/01(n)2-story stucco depot
YesoVaughn, ???ranch storage-1-story frame depot, see Help!!!
VaughnVaughn, tracksideBNSF MW(?)7/01(n)2-story stucco depot
MountainairMountainair, tracksideBNSF MW(?)7/01(n)2-story stucco depot
Belen(see El Paso Sub)

Gallup Sub (Main Line: Belen - Lupton, NM)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Belen(see El Paso Sub)
LagunaOld Laguna, on original site (track relocated), SW of Hwy 124 on the main road through pueblo, south sideresidence5/00(k)1-story stucco depot, greatly modified
GrantsGrants, tracksideBNSF MW5/00(k)1-story frame depot
GallupGallup, trackside (First St. and Historic 66)"Gallup Cultural Center" and Amtrak Station5/00(k)2-story stucco depot and office building

Carlsbad Sub (Clovis - Carlsbad, NM)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
Clovis(see Clovis Sub)
PortalesPortales, tracksideunused11/861-story stucco depot
KennaKenna, west side of Hwy 70, south end of townresidence11/861-story frame depot, extensively modified, stuccoed
RoswellRoswell, tracksideunused2/02(o)1-story stucco depot, freight portion only - passenger section burned late 2001
DexterRoswell, south side of Hwy 70, far west side of townunused, formerly "Handcrafted Clocks," then "Adult Arcade"11/891-story frame depot, remodeled with metal siding
ArtesiaArtesia, tracksidevisitors center and Pecos Valley Dairy Museum5/00(j)1-story brick and stucco depot
CarlsbadCarlsbad, tracksideBNSF offices11/861-story stucco depot
LovingCarlsbad, #2820 County Road 658 (Standpipe Road)derelict7/02(p)1-story frame depot

Estancia District (Willard - Moriarty ("Calvert"), NM, abandoned)
Original Location"Current" LocationCurrent UseDateDescription and Comments
EstanciaEstancia, just south of town, west of Hwy 41antiques shop1/961-story frame depot
MoriartyMoriarty, on original site, south side of town, east of Hwy 41church8/991-story New Mexico Central style frame depot, metal siding


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